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The importance of scaffold in construction work cannot be overemphasized, it gives confidence and a sense of safety to the construction workers that will use. That is why you need a company like Ackers Scaffolding to handle all your scaffold needs.

We are proudly the best in the business across England. We have an impeccable track record of excellent services.  We understand that everyone wants a reliable product and will stay with any company that offers that, you can always count on us for uncompromising quality services and products.

Another evidence of our satisfactory services is the fact that we have been in business for over 30 years, and in all these years, we have always added new clients and hardly lose clients. We have over 90% client retainment.

We focus on scaffold erection and hire, and our services include scaffold tube, scaffold boards, scaffold fittings, scaffold beams, scaffold accessories, etc.

One of the pillars of our excellent services is our trained and well-equipped teams. Investing productively in sophisticated equipment that can handle all kinds of jobs is another distinguishing trait of ours. Our materials are always in the best condition and marked safe for use.

It is our goal to serve you satisfactorily and we will be excited to take your call. You can reach us on 07540724093, you can also send us a mail at Visit our website for more information

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Contact: Stewart Ackers
Telephone: 07540 724093

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Our values

Our experience means we understand the importance of deadlines, the necessity of efficiency and the absolute non-negotiables such as safety, on-hand friendly service, honesty and trustworthy advice.

We always work closely with our customers so that each project runs smoothly and our proven communication skills ensure that we can respond quickly and efficiently to any problems which may arise or on-site changes which may need incorporating. It also means you know exactly how the task is progressing.

Why choose us?

Choose Ackers Scaffolding if you want a friendly, efficient, professional, well-established, trustworthy and knowledgeable company, which consistently offers the best in quality and service.

Our clients tell us that we’re easy to get on with, our quotes and estimates are free and no job is too big or small for us. Furthermore, we are committed to offering competitive prices while also delivering a fantastic service. We regularly monitor competitors’ prices in order to maintain our reputation for being great value for money.

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