A common question asked by many people undertaking building projects in Crawley is whether it’s best to rent or buy the scaffolding that is necessary for the work to be completed safely.

There is sometimes no ‘right’ answer, but getting in touch with a Crawley scaffolding company should help you make the right choice. Here are some of the good reasons for choosing to rent scaffolding for your next building project:

  • your project is likely to be short-term
  • the building work will take place at high levels
  • your building is an awkward shape, has unusual access requirements or is in an exposed location, meaning specialist accessories and beams may be needed
  • you’re not comfortable with erecting your own scaffolding
  • you’re only carrying out one project and don’t want the headache of selling on your scaffolding when the work is complete.

Many Crawley scaffolding companies won’t just rent you scaffolding equipment – they’ll also erect the scaffold, regularly check the safety of the scaffolding, carry out risk assessments and provide any temporary protection the building might need. Choosing a complete scaffold service in Crawley also means that details around health and safety and insurance will all be taken care of, which can be a weight off your mind.

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