Steyning Scaffolding

When choosing a Steyning scaffolding company to assist you with your building or construction project, there are a large number of factors to consider. Here are just some of the things you should think about when deciding on the right Steyning scaffolder for you and your project: 1. Type of project There are many different types of scaffolding construction available, so your scaffolding contractor in Steyning should be able to advise you on the right options for you. 2. Safety The most important consideration when erecting and using scaffolding should be safety. There are strict regulations about health and safety with scaffolding, but it’s always a good idea to check the credentials of your Steyning scaffolding company. Ask to see evidence of their CISRS cards, which will show you they are officially trained and qualified in the proper use of scaffolding. This should be backed up by employers’ liability and public liability insurance. 3. Experience Some scaffolding erections and projects can be more complicated than others, especially when factors like uneven ground or difficult access come to the fore. In cases like this, the experience of your Steyning scaffolding contractor will count for a lot, so be sure to find out whether they have experience of working in a site like... read more

Horley Scaffolding

If you want to put up scaffolding for a building or construction project in the Horley area, it’s vital you use a builder or Horley scaffolding contractor who is both trained and competent. If any of the scaffolding needs to go on the pavement or a public road, then the Horley scaffolding company is legally required to get a licence. However, as the property owner, it’s always your responsibility to check that your Horley scaffolder has got the licence and that it’s valid for as long as the project will last. If the licence is due to run out before the project finishes, it will need to be renewed. Once scaffolding is in place at your property, you’ve also got a legal obligation to make sure it’s safe. This means it needs to be professionally checked by a Horley scaffolder before it’s used for the first time, every seven days while it’s being used, and after any alterations, damage or extreme weather conditions. Checking scaffolding is a job for a qualified expert, so always be sure to use a professional Horley scaffolding company for this. Just because the scaffolding looks safe to you, doesn’t mean that it is. Your local authority may have a list of approved Horley scaffolding hire... read more

East Grinstead Scaffolding

If you’re considering hiring scaffolding for your East Grinstead building project, it’s important to pay due regard to health and safety. Of course, a professional East Grinstead scaffolder will know what is required, but even if you’re an ‘amateur’ builder, you’re still responsible for the safety of everyone on your site. Here are some health and safety tips to think about if you’re using scaffolding in your East Grinstead building project: make sure any East Grinstead scaffolding companies you use are competent and adequately skilled at identifying and dealing with health and safety risks get specialist advice when planning high-risk work, for example on contaminated land ensure anyone working on the site is given full information about health risks and a full site induction, so they know how to work safely, report problems or respond appropriate in an emergency take out insurance to cover the safety of everyone working on your site and the general public around it. If you choose to engage the services of an East Grinstead scaffolding company to erect and maintain your scaffolding, then of course much of this will be taken care of for you. This is why many self-builders choose to use an East Grinstead scaffolder rather than doing it themselves, as it is one area where you really can’t afford to go... read more

Redhill Scaffolding

While no one likes to imagine the worst happening, any building or construction project carries inherent risks. Correctly using scaffolding can help mitigate many of these risks on any Redhill building site. However, scaffolding does need to be erected, inspected and altered by a competent person, meaning you need to choose your Redhill scaffolding company carefully. Here are just some of the risks of note using scaffolding, or having your scaffolding erected by a cowboy builder: people falling from height ladders collapsing or falling debris falling from height onto the street below, where people may be walking contact with low or sharp parts of the structure, like the ends of scaffold poles bad weather leading to slips, trips and falls. Of course, using the services of a reputable Redhill scaffolding company will never entirely eliminate all risk, but it can help to ensure that your building site is a safe place for people to work. When your scaffolding is in place, liaise with your Redhill scaffolder to agree a schedule of inspection, which should take place at least weekly and after any incidents like severe weather or being struck by a vehicle. This will help to make sure your construction site is as safe as it can possibly be for the whole time your scaffolding is in... read more

Reigate Scaffolding

Scaffolding can be a vital part of any commercial building project in the Reigate area. When erected correctly, scaffolding can make it safe for tradesmen to work on a construction site, and allow easy access into parts of a building that would otherwise be difficult to reach. It is very unusual for any Reigate building project, whether domestic or commercial, not to require the services of a local scaffolding company. And while scaffolding may seem more costly at first glance, it will usually allow a contractor to do a better job which is completed in half the time, so using a competent Reigate scaffolder could actually save you time and money. Scaffolding can also help ensure the safety of the general public around a Reigate building site. For example, a good Reigate scaffolder will use a chute to ensure rubbish and waste materials can easily and safely be dropped to the ground, without causing a hazard to the people in the street below. Safety netting or close fitting scaffold boards can also help to make sure the risks of debris falling to the ground from a great height are reduced. To find out more about how using scaffolding can make your construction project safer and more efficient, simply contact any Reigate scaffolding company for more... read more

Dorking Scaffolding

If you fail to do your homework when looking for a good scaffolding company in Dorking or the surrounding areas, you risk making a costly mistake. Scaffolding can be an important part of any construction project, as it helps keep the workers on site safe, as well as the general public around the site. There are many different Dorking scaffolding companies, but it’s important to find one that is safe, experienced, and of course reasonably priced. Here are some tips to help you find a good Dorking scaffolder: ask around for personal recommendations – and if you see scaffolding up around buildings in the area, ask the property owners whether they’d recommend the scaffolding company look at the Dorking scaffolding company’s portfolio – this may be available on their website or they may be able to share images and information with you personally check qualifications and insurance – it’s vital to make sure the Dorking scaffolder’s staff are all appropriately trained and qualified, and that this is backed up by adequate insurance trust your instincts – when you talk to a Dorking scaffolding company, you’ll probably get a gut feeling about how professional they are and their levels of customer service. Don’t be afraid to trust those instincts – a scaffolder who doesn’t return your calls and doesn’t seem very interested in discussing the details of your project is unlikely to offer a professional service when it comes to actually erecting your... read more

Burgess Hill Scaffolding

Many Burgess Hill home owners who are planning minor building or renovation works to their home may wonder whether it’s really necessary to go to the expense of using scaffolding, or whether the work could be carried out using ladders. This may apply if the work is over a small area, such as a chimney, or is fairly small-scale, such as painting parts of the exterior of a home. In many cases, it will be far more appropriate and less risky to use the services of a Burgess Hill scaffolding company, rather than to rely on ladders. These are just some of the reasons why scaffolding can be a better choice: scaffolding is safer and more secure: because scaffold towers have a more stable base, sit flush to the floor and aren’t propped up against walls or buildings, the health and safety risks are lower. scaffolding means the work can get finished more quickly: a scaffold tower offers a larger area to work from, rather than a small step on a ladder. This means that while hiring scaffolding from a Burgess Hill scaffolder may look more expensive on paper, you can reap the benefits by getting the work finished sooner. scaffolding can mean fewer pairs of hands: if a contractor uses a ladder, they’ll normally need someone below to hold the ladder in place. Using the services of a Burgess Hill scaffolding company will remove this necessity, meaning that extra pair of hands either isn’t needed, or can be used to finish the work more... read more

Horsham Scaffolding

If you search the web or look in a telephone directory, you’ll soon find that there are plenty of Horsham scaffolding companies offering erection and hire services, both in the Horsham area and further afield. With so many different scaffolding companies in Horsham, it’s vital to be sure that the one you choose is competent to carry out the work required. Legally, any scaffolding worker has to be competent in scaffold erection, dismantling and alteration. However, if you’re unfamiliar with the scaffolding industry, it can be difficult to know whether your Horsham scaffolder’s claims of competence are true. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy way to check the credentials of any Horsham scaffolder, by checking whether they hold a Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS) card. Any scaffolder in Horsham who holds a CISRS card has been officially accepted as being competent to carry out erection, dismantling and alteration of scaffolding. So before you give the go-ahead to any Horsham scaffolding company, ask to see their staff members’ CISRS cards before you proceed. If you’re in any doubt about the validity of a CISRS card you’re shown, you can confirm its status by calling the CISRS helpline on 0870 417... read more

Crawley Scaffolding

A common question asked by many people undertaking building projects in Crawley is whether it’s best to rent or buy the scaffolding that is necessary for the work to be completed safely. There is sometimes no ‘right’ answer, but getting in touch with a Crawley scaffolding company should help you make the right choice. Here are some of the good reasons for choosing to rent scaffolding for your next building project: your project is likely to be short-term the building work will take place at high levels your building is an awkward shape, has unusual access requirements or is in an exposed location, meaning specialist accessories and beams may be needed you’re not comfortable with erecting your own scaffolding you’re only carrying out one project and don’t want the headache of selling on your scaffolding when the work is complete. Many Crawley scaffolding companies won’t just rent you scaffolding equipment – they’ll also erect the scaffold, regularly check the safety of the scaffolding, carry out risk assessments and provide any temporary protection the building might need. Choosing a complete scaffold service in Crawley also means that details around health and safety and insurance will all be taken care of, which can be a weight off your... read more

Haywards Health Scaffolding

If you’re planning a building project in the Haywards Heath area, one of the things you’ll need to consider at an early stage is which kind of scaffolding to use. Of course, by using the services of a reputable Haywards Heath scaffolding company, you’ll be able to get some expert and impartial advice, but it’s worth thinking about your needs and requirements yourself first. There are two main types of scaffolding: conventional (made up of tubes, boards and fittings), and system scaffolding, which commonly comes under the brand names of Kwikstage, Scaflok and Layher in the UK. Conventional scaffolding should generally only ever be used by someone who is competent. This would mean you need a professional Haywards Heath scaffolding or another local tradesman who has worked with scaffolding for years to erect, alter and dismantle it. However, if you’re a self-builder and prefer the idea of doing it yourself, then system scaffolding might be what you’re looking for. With system scaffolding, most systems are locked together using just a hammer. This makes them easy to erect and simple to use, with many accessories available. Of course, you may not be sure about which is the best type of scaffolding to use in your building project. If this sounds like you, then it’s a good idea to get in touch with one or more Haywards Heath scaffolding companies, who’ll be able to explain your options and recommend the best choice for... read more