Many Burgess Hill home owners who are planning minor building or renovation works to their home may wonder whether it’s really necessary to go to the expense of using scaffolding, or whether the work could be carried out using ladders. This may apply if the work is over a small area, such as a chimney, or is fairly small-scale, such as painting parts of the exterior of a home.

In many cases, it will be far more appropriate and less risky to use the services of a Burgess Hill scaffolding company, rather than to rely on ladders.

These are just some of the reasons why scaffolding can be a better choice:

  • scaffolding is safer and more secure: because scaffold towers have a more stable base, sit flush to the floor and aren’t propped up against walls or buildings, the health and safety risks are lower.
  • scaffolding means the work can get finished more quickly: a scaffold tower offers a larger area to work from, rather than a small step on a ladder. This means that while hiring scaffolding from a Burgess Hill scaffolder may look more expensive on paper, you can reap the benefits by getting the work finished sooner.
  • scaffolding can mean fewer pairs of hands: if a contractor uses a ladder, they’ll normally need someone below to hold the ladder in place. Using the services of a Burgess Hill scaffolding company will remove this necessity, meaning that extra pair of hands either isn’t needed, or can be used to finish the work more quickly.
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