If you want to put up scaffolding for a building or construction project in the Horley area, it’s vital you use a builder or Horley scaffolding contractor who is both trained and competent. If any of the scaffolding needs to go on the pavement or a public road, then the Horley scaffolding company is legally required to get a licence. However, as the property owner, it’s always your responsibility to check that your Horley scaffolder has got the licence and that it’s valid for as long as the project will last. If the licence is due to run out before the project finishes, it will need to be renewed.

Once scaffolding is in place at your property, you’ve also got a legal obligation to make sure it’s safe. This means it needs to be professionally checked by a Horley scaffolder before it’s used for the first time, every seven days while it’s being used, and after any alterations, damage or extreme weather conditions. Checking scaffolding is a job for a qualified expert, so always be sure to use a professional Horley scaffolding company for this. Just because the scaffolding looks safe to you, doesn’t mean that it is. Your local authority may have a list of approved Horley scaffolding hire companies.

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