Scaffolding hire

We erect and hire a wide range of scaffolding products to all kinds of clients. We’re certain that our local knowledge and expert advice will mean we can meet all your requirements for any project.

Our 30 years’ experience in the scaffolding industry has also given us the expertise to know exactly what products to choose, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and the cost compared to performance of any particular product. This means you can trust us to hire you the right equipment at the best price for you.

All the products we hire out are tested rigorously and regularly. We can also offer instructions and guidance on how to use each piece of equipment efficiently and safely.

We have a wide range of scaffolding products in stock at any time, and can easily access more unusual pieces of equipment or accessories for more complicated projects.

These are just some of the products we hire:

Scaffold tube

Scaffolding tubes are one of the basic materials and components used in scaffolding. Tubes can either be steel or aluminium, although there are some tubes which are comprised of glass fibre. Tubes come in a variety of lengths, with an industry standard diameter of 48.3mm.

At Ackers Scaffolding, we use both steel and aluminium tubes. The main difference between the two is that aluminium is a lower weight than the steel, so it is more flexible and easier to construct. Due to the weight difference and ease of construction, the aluminium tubes are often the more popular. To save you the headache of erecting your own scaffolding, we also construct the scaffolding for you. Please visit our services page for more information.

Scaffold boards

Boards provide the vital working surface for anyone using scaffold. Scaffold boards are usually made of wood and come in different thicknesses (38mm, 50mm and 63mm). We can advise you on the most appropriate thickness of scaffold boards for your project. As well as wooden scaffold boards, you can offer fire-retardant boards, kiln-dried boards, plastic boards, laminate boards, and steel boards from us.

Scaffold fittings

Scaffold fittings generally come in drop forged or pressed steel. At Ackers Scaffolding we can hire out both materials. We have a wide range of different scaffold fittings including doubles, singles, swivels, joints, girder couplers (used in pairs), roofing couplers, left and right board retainers, tube clamps, base plates, and pressed sleeves. Couplers are the fittings you will need in order to hold the scaffold tubes together. There are three basic coupler types: right-angle couples, putlog couples and swivel couplers. We stock each of these.

Scaffold beams

Beams are a vital part of the scaffold structure because they are needed when scaffolding can’t meet the access needs due to load restrictions. Beams can be used to spread the load across the scaffold, offering openings and bridges within a structure, and can be used with crash decks, temporary roofings, mobile platforms and many other structures.

At Ackers Scaffolding we have a wide range of beams available, with a variety of different qualities. When choosing beams it’s important to account for the strength of the beam you’re using and consider both the load it will need to carry and across what kind of span. For example, alloy beams offer quality yet are lightweight, and can be use with all types of scaffold. Meanwhile, aluminium beams are cheaper than most other kinds of beams but perform as well as most other materials and are lightweight, making them easy to construct. We use all kinds of beams and within scaffolding we erect for you. We’re also happy to offer advice on the best beams for your project, taking into account your access requirements, the anticipated load and their strength.

Scaffold accessories

We provide a huge range of scaffold accessories so we can accommodate all the needs for a wide range of projects. However, if you cannot see an accessory you need in the list below, please call us as we will be able to help:

Debris netting • gravity lock pin-galvanised • scaffold sheeting • scaff tag • tube end caps • fitting caps • scaffolders belt & frogs • scaffold spanners • safety harnesses • sleeving (red and white) • barrier tape • treader plated • scaffolding lamps • right angle clamp • swivel coupler • locking pin • toe board clip • base plates • adjustable base plate • caster • scaffolding ties & anchorage fixings • universal clamp • gin wheel • nut splitter • loading bay gates • scaffolding key.

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