While no one likes to imagine the worst happening, any building or construction project carries inherent risks. Correctly using scaffolding can help mitigate many of these risks on any Redhill building site. However, scaffolding does need to be erected, inspected and altered by a competent person, meaning you need to choose your Redhill scaffolding company carefully.

Here are just some of the risks of note using scaffolding, or having your scaffolding erected by a cowboy builder:

  • people falling from height
  • ladders collapsing or falling
  • debris falling from height onto the street below, where people may be walking
  • contact with low or sharp parts of the structure, like the ends of scaffold poles
  • bad weather leading to slips, trips and falls.

Of course, using the services of a reputable Redhill scaffolding company will never entirely eliminate all risk, but it can help to ensure that your building site is a safe place for people to work. When your scaffolding is in place, liaise with your Redhill scaffolder to agree a schedule of inspection, which should take place at least weekly and after any incidents like severe weather or being struck by a vehicle. This will help to make sure your construction site is as safe as it can possibly be for the whole time your scaffolding is in place.

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